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Get Empowered with Dr. Arlicia C. Miller

Moving You Forward

 I'm an Educator & Life Transformation Strategist excited to help you reach your goals and make elevated changes in your life and the life of your family. Whether you are

  • A bored single-momma who want so badly to turn their dreams into reality without losing time with their children

  • An overwhelmed career advancing single-mommy who seeks balance

  • A single-mom on hold who thinks it's perfectly okay to wait until the kids graduate and move out of the house before taking care of self

it will be an honor to walk with you on your journey.     


I've been able to double my salary in 6 months with a promoted title, obtain my Master of Fine Arts, earn my doctoral degree with a 4.0, become a CEO of a service-based business, and now working on purchasing my dream home. During my journey of single-mommy-hood, I've learned that there will never be a perfect time to focus on my wants, goals, or needs. The idea is learning how to balance the roles of mommy and woman.  Best believe you can achieve your personal and professional goals and design the life you desire too!


As a result of my life transformation coaching, my clients have realized their value, set boundaries, acknowledged their self-worth, and gained the necessary tools & strategies needed to be empowered and make success moves. I celebrate them, and cannot wait to celebrate you too!

In solidarity,

Arlicia C. Miller, Ed.D.



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FREE & private community of single-moms who uplift one another while they design the life they desire.

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