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[S3E22] Adam Steps Up

Addison points a the bigger problem than all of that, though - Lisa has not received prenatal care. She steps up to examine her and determines Lisa has a potentially life-threatening condition (for both her and the baby). Lisa takes comfort in Addison's care and asks her to stay in L.A. until she delivers the child.

[S3E22] Adam Steps Up

When Max starts yelling, Zeek can't help himself, and yells back, prompting Max to tell him to shut up. Kristina steps in the middle, and has to physically lead Max outside as he slaps at her. That's when the doctor shows up to give Sarah the news that Amber's a very lucky girl. She had a small injury to the spleen, a broken wrist, and a cracked rib. She's sedated, but Sarah and Drew go to her room anyway, shocked to find Amber's face a welter of bruises and cuts. Later that morning, Amber finally stirs, and is soon in a full-scale panic to find herself in the hospital. Back in the waiting room, Kristina embarrasses Haddie with news that she's made a gynecologist appointment for her. If Haddie's going to have sex, she's going to have to get checked out.

After all, Summer points out: "48 hours ago you were definitely Newport's answer to Courtney Love... Baby steps". Marissa seems to get her friend's point. Thank God.Greetings time. Julie tells Marissa she would love to go with her: "I could pretend to be part of your entourage, or your Scientology guide!". Marissa assures her she's going to be fine. That's not a shocker for Julie because she knows: "Cooper girls do have nine lives."As soon as girls have gone, Neil invites Julie to go to a working dinner (or better, a hospital benefit) with him and, in the end, she accepts.

A man creates a robot that looks just like him, but has only his best qualities. There's only one problem: a mechanical issue makes the robot occasionally kill people. The robot goes out into the world and builds a life, loving companion and all, and eventually returns to the town of his creator to understand his past. After the two fight, the creator steps into the life of the created in a surprising and creepy classic twist. The story was written by longtime "Twilight Zone" writer Charles Beaumont.

An ad man tired of his life falls asleep on a train and discovers a town called Willoughby. His wife critiques his fantasies, and he decides that life is better there. He steps off a moving train to his death in order to stay in the town he loves.

Meanwhile, Jesse is parked at the corner and snorts some meth to get his confidence up. Spotting the dealers' car, Jesse picks up his gun and steps out of his car. The dealers, also armed, notice Jesse approaching them and prepare for a confrontation. Just as they draw their guns, however, Walt suddenly plows into the dealers with his Aztek. One is killed instantly under the wheels; the other, badly injured, is shot in the head by Walt as he reaches for his gun. Walt looks up at the horrified Jesse and utters one word: "Run."

Eventually the dust settles and bonds form. But while steps are made to resolve the dispute at the end of the second episode, it is a slow burner, with conflict between some characters continuing throughout the series.

After Glenn steps down as store manager, he hopes Amy will replace him but is doubtful given Laurie's dislike of Amy. Laurie arrives in the store and catches Cheyenne and Garrett watching a video on their phone. She rebukes them and makes them put their phones away in their lockers. Amy's attempt to impress Laurie falls flat and Laurie informs her that she already has a new manager. Dina forces Laurie to give Amy an interview and in Glenn's Office, Amy lists her qualifications but Laurie ignores her, watches a video on her phone and confirms Amy isn't getting the manager's position. Laurie introduces the new manager, her young son, Blaine who immediately shows his immaturity. After Blaine shows her and Dina that he doesn't understand what inventory is, Dina tells Amy to complain about his hiring to corporate. Instead, Amy seeks out Laurie in Glenn's office and catches her snorting cocaine.

In Conway Springs, Kansas, two teens make out in a parked car by the roadside when a mysterious figure from a blue van darts around the car. The boy retrieves a knife and exits the car, when moments later the figure drags the girl out of the car window. The boy swiftly decapitates the figure, now revealed to be a vampire, as another girl steps onto the scene. The first girl, an older Krissy Chambers, sighs and insists that her companion Josephine play the bait next time.

(U/S Robert Hampshire) most recently appeared in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco. Off-Broadway: Cherry Lane, 59E59, 3LD, The Pearl, Abingdon, Barrow Street. Regional: Once (South Coast Rep), reasons to be pretty (Geffen Playhouse), The Mousetrap (Rep St. Louis), Clybourne Park (Cleveland Play House, Geva, Laguna Playhouse), The 39 Steps (Maltz Jupiter Theatre), Cloud Nine (Studio Theatre DC), Dead Ringer (NJ Rep) and others. TV credits include The Offer, Seal Team, This Is Us, Superstore, The Good Wife. Graduate of the University of Richmond and the NY Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.Gayle Samuels(U/S Mrs. Tyler, Miss Dawson, Aunt Lou) recently portrayed Lena Younger in A Raisin In the Sun at the Sydney Theatre Company. She received a Best Supporting Actress Award for the independent film American Wisper and a Best Actress nomination from the Connecticut Critics Circle for her portrayal of Billie Holiday in Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill. She recently worked with Emmy Award winner Peter Dinklage in Cyrano, originating the role of the Chaperone at the Goodspeed Opera House, and just directed a production of The Mountaintop at the Music Theatre of Connecticut. Gayle has appeared on Broadway in Children of a Lesser God, Sunset Boulevard, Grind, and Dancin'. Her Off- Broadway credits include Barbara in MsTrial, Gloria in Sistas, Ronnette in Little Shop of Horrors and Josephine Baker in The Dark Star from Harlem. She toured internationally as a featured vocalist with Harry Belafonte, played the Phyllis Hyman role in the Russian tour of Sophisticated Ladies and played Mrs. Loftus in the national tour of Little House on the Prairie starring Melissa Gilbert. Regionally, Gayle has worked at The Artist Repertory Theatre (Seven Guitars), John W. Engeman Theatre (The Sunshine Boys), The Florida Repertory Theatre (Fences), The Guthrie (Little House on the Prairie), Cincinnati Playhouse (Crowns, Beehive), The Florida Studio Theatre (The World Goes Round), and Georgia Shakespeare (Shrew). Gayle's television and film credits include Bull, The Equalizer, Queens, The Flight Attendant, Girls5eva, Blue Bloods, Madam Secretary, The Americans, The Class and Black Nativity.

At the end of "In Your Footsteps". the Snail speaks for the first time and gains The Enchiridion. The Snail still continues to appear in each episode, and (when examined closely) appears to still have green eyes and an evil expression on its face.

In season 4, the possessed snail is still making cameos, but it played a major part in the episode "In Your Footsteps." As inferred from the dream in "The Lich," the Snail appears to have been abandoned by the Lich when he took over Billy.

After the tragic death of Hip Hop artist PNB Rock, Tamika and Mysonne reflect on the continuous murders of rappers due to senseless violence. Later in the show they talk with mortgage banking division leader, Matthew Garland, to discuss the steps to secure wealth through investing into real estate. 041b061a72


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