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Manipuri Sex Story

Reeder stops short of fully analyzing how biblical interpretation impacts belief and practice and the real lives of women. Readers may expect the book to go into more detail about the #metoo and #churchtoo movements. While Reeder does give some background information on these current movements, they are not the real focus of the book. The book does not delve into the stories of women but focuses primarily on the issue of biblical interpretation throughout history, especially regarding women in the Bible.

Manipuri Sex Story

Undoubtedly, perpetrators of sexual violence enjoy a sense of impunity, a sense that they will go unpunished. The facts tell their own story: National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data shows that incidents of rape in the country have increased by 791% since 1971 (murder increased by just 240%, and robbery by 178%, kidnapping increased by 630%).

Did anyone bitch about this? The entertainment industry gets blamed all the time for corrupting our youth. But did anyone find fault with the news? Or how about Ken Star and the other people who wanted to remove Clinton from office? This has to be one of the most embarrassing times in American history. It's disgraceful because this is all the news had to talk about, and that Clinton's opponents hated him so bad they would try to use his private life to remove him from public office. Sometimes the public is better off not knowing everything and this was one of those times.

How will this be remembered in the history books? Sadly, Clinton's affair will be one of the biggest events in his career. Will the textbooks say he engaged in oral sex? Or will the writers actually be decent people and just say he had an affair that almost cost him his job?

I find it funny that the FCC, parents and whoever else deserves blame would let this kind of thing happen and not complain. I'm surprised the nightly news didn't begin with a parental advisory warning. But if it did, I wouldn't be sitting here citing the media's hypocrisy. So, Clear Channel, it's OK if oral sex is a news story but it's not OK when someone jokes about it on the radio? I see you have made your decision and I have now made mine. Thank God I have a CD player to take your place.

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