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in art therapy, the goal of the session is to allow the internal artists to create art related to their experiences. although art is usually used to understand the psychic, psychological, and social experiences of an individual, art therapists often lack this knowledge of its functions. experiencing art can create new meaning for individuals and thus help them to live a life without mental health problems.

first year engineering drawing by ac parkinson pdf free download

art therapy involves the use of creative expression, visual art or other media. this approach is designed to help individuals communicate more effectively with others, and also to explore the secrets of their inner world. the benefits of art therapy can be seen in the many forms of art therapy available, including poetry, painting, drawing, sculpture, music, drama and the ability to express emotions and thoughts about past, present, and future. mental health providers should consider the use of art therapy when working with individuals with mental health problems, and art therapists should be prepared to support people in their own recovery process.

rashmi bandapur is an artist and designer who studies the psychology of mass participatory spaces including art, public art and collaborative art. she is particularly interested in grassroots mental health initiatives and in the role of arts and design in the social sector. she is an independent researcher and consultant based in london and trained in human-centred design, social design, creative technology, community development and economic development. her work extends to online platforms, advocacy, and health literacy. email: rashmibandapur designpoo


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