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Lsbf Video Lectures F8

Latest LSBF acca F8 video lectures for ACCA Paper F8 Audit and Assurance valid for March/June 2016 Exams are available Now.These are latest Acca F8 Audit and Assurance Video Lectures Recorded By LSBF Tutor Paul Merison in March/June 2016.ABOUT F8 Tutor: Paul MerisonAn ICAEW member, Paul has been teaching accountancy students for 16 years. He has also been an examiner, and was Head of Training for a firm of UK Chartered Accountants. He has taught in many countries and cultures, and is passionate about his specialist areas of audit, ethics and corporate governance. He is renowned for being able to bring to life subjects that many students thought were boring and difficult to study.This package will include1) LSBF F8 Live Online Tuition sessions March/June 20162) LSBF F8 Progress Tests With Video Debrief March/June 20163) LSBF F8 Live Online Revisions Sessions March/June 20164) LSBF F8 Questions And Answering Mentoring Sessions March/June 20165) LSBF F8 PDF Document With Key Home Work Questions According to Tuition + Revisions Sessions March/June 20166) (Pre-Recorded) Tuition Videos Lectures Valid June 2016 (****New ) 7) Revisions Wise Key Q/Answers March & June 2016 ( ****New ) 8) H/W Questions With Answers March & June 2016 ( ****New ) 9) Key Questions Bank With Answers June 2016 ( ***New ) 10) BPP Study Texts & Revisions Kit Valid June 2016 ( ****New) 11) 127 MCQs With Answers ( ****New) ( Please Note : Questions + Answers are Extracted from LSBF Kit , As this Course mention Questions From LSBF Kit But Do not Make Reference to Past Exam Question So It Was necessary to Provide you these Questions in Printable form )12) LSBF F8 Revision Mock With Video Debrief March/June 2016 13) LSBF F8 Study Notes to Support Tuition Video Lectures March/June 2016 14) And Much More.... PLEASE NOTE: The Full Package ( ACCA Live Tution + Live Revison ) Was Purchased In Dec 2015 But Still Valid for March and June 2016 Exams as there are no Major Changes to Syllabus But Please Refer to Acca Guide For your Relevant Exams For More Detail.FOR More DETAIL InformationPlease Feel Free to Contact me+233547117171Email: accapartthree@gmail.comSee Live Demo Here

Lsbf Video Lectures F8

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