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Surviving Mars Opportunity-CODEX [VERIFIED]

"The Sentient, torn between its coveted prize and a mortal threat, broke from the Tower and turned back on itself from noble Gara. But Gara's eyes were not for the Sentient - but for the glittering, man-sized device resting just beyond the gates. It had not been there before, but it was there now. It swatted Gara from the sky, drew it to herself, meaning to end her life there and then. The battle was terrible. Gara sustained injuries she would not survive. But! In her final moments brave Gara seized upon the device her beloved Unum had crafted, seized it to her breast, and allowed the Sentient to draw her in one final time. Toward its core. Toward the seat of its intelligence. From within the Sentient unfurled myriad feelers, probles, tendrils - viciously-toothed and made for killing. They swept towards Gara, violently, and the Glass Warrior made no defense. Her defense was her final attack. The device detonated, and the Unum cried out as night lit as day. The battle - the terror - was ended. The Tower walls shook. The Sentient's body shuddered, wracked by a cacophonous energy. Forests fell as piece after piece, giant body after giant body crashed to the Plains and marshes and flatlands. Animals fled in spreading waves from pounding sky-high walls of dust, angered and whipped to fury by the death of a god. The last of Gara's energy arced from body-to-body, machine-to-machine, piece-to-piece, a horizon-wide applause of light beautiful and terrible. And then... silence. All was still. The Unum's adherents wandered throughout the haze, calling for one another, lost in a miasma. Husbands seizing onto wives, children onto parents. It was over. Gara was never seen again. The Sentients, then, became as they are now: senseless, wandering, yearning for a unity they sense more than they remember. And the Unum. The Unum survived, alone, for centuries. Until today. When you stand here, reading this. This is Onkko, Cetus Archivist, with my translation of the Gara legend." :DGQLoreFrag0050Onkko_en.ogg (download, history)

Surviving Mars Opportunity-CODEX

The Legion was organized to support its crusade posture. The Imperial Fists maintained a fleet of 1,500 warships, a force quantitatively and qualitatively superior to any other legion. The Legion command and control structure featured theater marshals in charge of all forces taking part in their area of responsibility, fleet masters, and siege masters. Ad hoc commands of castellan and seneschals controlled formations called crusades or households, respectively -- each comprised of two battalions. Infantry unit configuration tended towards the two extremes of assault load outs or long-range heavy weapons. To replenish combat losses, the Legion often recruited from conquered populations en mass. Recorded examples include recruiting every man who could carry a spear from the hunter-tribesmen of Tiberna, taking half of the members of the tech-brat gangs of Sevan, and the recruitment of every youth older than 10,000 ship cycles from the Nedoran ship clans.[45]

Located in strategically insignificant space, Freedom's Progress had once offered residents spectacular rainbows, lush marshlands, and stunning mountain ranges. Its potential as an agricultural settlement and tourism wonderland rivaled that of any Alliance colony.

In 2178, the human ExoGeni Corporation announced its intention to place a permanent colony on Feros, to thoroughly explore the ruins. The pioneer settlement was placed on the upper levels of several intact skyscrapers, using the surviving Prothean aqueducts and rooftop hydroponic gardens to support the population.

Located in strategically insignificant space, Freedom's Progress colony had once offered residents spectacular rainbows, lush marshlands and stunning mountain ranges. Its potential as an agricultural settlement and tourism wonderland rivaled that of any Alliance colony.

We wound up surviving the equivalent of a Cassini rocket launch. It was 50 Gs or something ridiculous and being frozen to liquid nitrogen, surviving extended radiation and outer space. We were qualifying these tunable filters to go to Mars.

so mars will more of a gunline. be curious how it will handle against ultramarines gunline. need close combat support and stuff to kill predators. having more units on the table should help and those knights will help

Culdewenslurk on the borders of land and water, living in marshes, sea caves orabandoned lighthouses. They are skilled sailors and boatmen, and usually have askiff or rowboat to ply the waters. They can swim gracefully, but the boat isuseful for storing fish (not that the culdewen would be able to keep them). Aculdewen can survive on mud, reeds and algae, but craves fish above all otherfoods.

Indeed, the Crimson Fists tell that the uncrewed Land Raider Rynn's Might, narrowly surviving the misfired missile that levelled their fortress-monastery on Rynn's World during the assault of an Ork WAAAGH!, immediately thereafter fought a solo war against a rampaging Ork warband, killing a Warboss and many of his followers in a night of slaughter.

By this time, the Land Raider had been taken out of the Imperial Guard's armoury and became an iconic Space Marine vehicle. Unfortunately for Space Marine players of that time, the Land Raider plastic kit was soon to be discontinued. Later players wanting to field the vehicle had to resort to finding surviving models to buy or converting their own. Only in 2000 did Games Workshop revive the Land Raider's legacy with the release of the new Space Marine Land Raider Mk III plastic kit. 041b061a72


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