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Kamen Rider Geats Episode 21 - Free Streaming and Download

Download Kamen Rider Geats Episode 21: How to Watch It Online

If you are a fan of tokusatsu shows, you might have heard of Kamen Rider Geats, the latest installment in the long-running Kamen Rider franchise. The show has been airing since January 2022, and has gained a lot of popularity and acclaim for its innovative story, exciting action, and charismatic characters. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the show, why you should watch episode 21, and how to download it online legally and safely.

What is Kamen Rider Geats?

A brief introduction to the series and its plot

Kamen Rider Geats is a Japanese tokusatsu drama produced by Toei Company and broadcasted by TV Asahi. It is the 32nd series in the Kamen Rider franchise, and the third series in the Reiwa era. The show follows the adventures of Riku Asakura, a young man who becomes Kamen Rider Geats, a warrior who can use the power of desires to transform into different forms. He joins a mysterious organization called Desire, which hosts a tournament called the Desire Grand Prix, where various Kamen Riders compete for the ultimate prize: the ability to make any wish come true.

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The main characters and their transformations

The show features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own motivations and personalities. Here are some of the main characters and their transformations:

  • Riku Asakura / Kamen Rider Geats: The protagonist of the series, he is a cheerful and optimistic young man who loves tokusatsu shows. He becomes Kamen Rider Geats after finding a device called the Desire Driver, which allows him to use cards called Desires to transform into different forms based on his wishes. Some of his forms include Kamen Rider Geats Brave (based on courage), Kamen Rider Geats Lucky (based on luck), and Kamen Rider Geats Dream (based on dreams).

  • Yui Takahashi / Kamen Rider Muse: The deuteragonist of the series, she is a smart and resourceful young woman who works as an assistant for Desire. She becomes Kamen Rider Muse after receiving a device called the Muse Driver, which allows her to use cards called Muses to transform into different forms based on her inspirations. Some of her forms include Kamen Rider Muse Art (based on art), Kamen Rider Muse Music (based on music), and Kamen Rider Muse Love (based on love).

  • Kaito Yamashita / Kamen Rider Ace: The tritagonist of the series, he is a cool and confident young man who is the leader of a gang called Ace. He becomes Kamen Rider Ace after stealing a device called the Ace Driver, which allows him to use cards called Aces to transform into different forms based on his skills. Some of his forms include Kamen Rider Ace Speed (based on speed), Kamen Rider Ace Power (based on power), and Kamen Rider Ace Trick (based on trickery).

The Desire Grand Prix and its arcs

The Desire Grand Prix is a tournament that is held by Desire every year, where various Kamen Riders from different worlds and timelines participate. The winner of the tournament gets to make any wish they want, while the losers are erased from existence. The show is divided into four arcs, each with a different theme and villain. Here are the four arcs and their summaries:

  • Arc 1: The World of Desire: This arc introduces the main characters and the concept of the Desire Grand Prix. The main villain is Kamen Rider Desire, the mysterious leader of Desire, who wants to create a perfect world according to his vision.

  • Arc 2: The World of Chaos: This arc explores the consequences of the Desire Grand Prix, as the losers' worlds start to collapse and merge with each other. The main villain is Kamen Rider Chaos, a rogue Kamen Rider who wants to destroy all worlds and create a new one from scratch.

  • Arc 3: The World of Legends: This arc features the appearance of legendary Kamen Riders from past series, who join the Desire Grand Prix to protect their worlds and legacy. The main villain is Kamen Rider Legend, a mysterious Kamen Rider who claims to be the original and strongest Kamen Rider ever.

  • Arc 4: The World of Dreams: This arc is the final arc of the series, where the remaining Kamen Riders face off against each other in the final round of the Desire Grand Prix. The main villain is Kamen Rider Dream, a mysterious Kamen Rider who can manipulate dreams and reality.

Why should you watch episode 21?

The highlights of the episode and its significance

Episode 21 is one of the most important and exciting episodes of the series, as it marks the end of the third arc and the beginning of the fourth arc. Here are some of the highlights and significance of the episode:

  • The episode features a climactic battle between Kamen Rider Geats and Kamen Rider Legend, who have been rivals since they first met. The battle showcases their different forms and abilities, as well as their contrasting ideals and motivations.

  • The episode reveals the true identity and backstory of Kamen Rider Legend, who turns out to be none other than Sougo Tokiwa, the protagonist of Kamen Rider Zi-O, the previous series in the franchise. The episode explains how he became Kamen Rider Legend after losing his memories and his world in the Desire Grand Prix.

  • The episode also reveals the true identity and plan of Kamen Rider Dream, who turns out to be Riku's long-lost twin brother, Rui Asakura. The episode shows how he became Kamen Rider Dream after being kidnapped by Desire when he was a child, and how he intends to use his power to make everyone's dreams come true, even if it means destroying reality.

The cliffhanger ending and the preview for the next episode

The episode ends with a shocking cliffhanger, as Rui uses his power to trap Riku and his friends in a dream world, where they are forced to face their deepest fears and desires. The preview for the next episode shows that Riku will have to overcome his inner demons and awaken his true potential as Kamen Rider Geats, while also trying to save his brother from his twisted dream.

The fan reactions and reviews

The episode received a lot of positive feedback from fans and critics alike, who praised its story, action, drama, and twists. Many fans expressed their surprise and excitement at seeing Sougo return as Kamen Rider Legend, as well as their curiosity and concern about Rui's role as Kamen Rider Dream. Some fans also commented on how the episode made them emotional and nostalgic for previous series in the franchise. Here are some examples of fan reactions and reviews:

"This episode was amazing! I loved seeing Sougo again as Legend, he was so cool and badass! I also felt sorry for him when he remembered everything. And, I did not see that coming! He's Riku's twin brother? And he's Dream? That's crazy! I wonder what he's planning to do with his power. I can't wait for the next episode!"