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John Ayers
John Ayers

Ai Shogi Version 18 For Windows Download 'LINK'

A number of Shogi variants, such as Chu Shogi and Dai Shogi, are playable against AI using a forked version of Winboard. Included engines are: Shokidoki, which can play the smaller variants with drops (i.e. Minishogi); and HaChu, a large Shogi variant engine designed for playing Chu Shogi and has improved in strength over time.[59]

Ai Shogi Version 18 For Windows Download

You can find the downloads for binaries and preconfigured installer packages of Winboard atthe Winboard Forum,where you can also report problems, get help from other WinBoard users or discuss feature requests.Windows builds of development versions or installers for special configurationscan be found at HGM's web page.

The Gitrepository is on Savannah. All branches can be viewed on its webinterface, which also provides tarballs of all tagged versions. Thesetarballs are different from the ones that you can download from the GNU server, and you willneed to run ./ on them as described below.


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