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Download Taste Maker Restaurant Simulator Rar

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Download Taste Maker Restaurant Simulator rar

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Grandmaster Po leaves Rudy in charge of babysitting his nephew Sam, and Rudy in turn leaves the others in charge of Sam while he goes out and has fun. However, things turn out to not be so pleasant when the Wasabi Warriors discover that Sam is a mischievous child who likes to cause trouble. Later, to help alleviate some pressure off Rudy, Jack and Jerry offer to be in charge of the dojo, while Rudy takes care of Sam. Rudy is hesitant at first, but quickly gives them the keys when he hears something break. Later, tensions start running high between Jack and Jerry when Jerry is upset at Jack for not listening to any of his ideas. Jack calls Jerry's ideas dumb, which upsets Jerry, who wants no part of the dojo with Jack in charge and leaves. Later, Jack discovers that Jerry has opened up his own dojo with his new partner Phil called Judo Jerry's, which is being run inside of Falafel Phil's. Jerry later shows up at the Bobby Wasabi Dojo and steals Jack's students after making up a lie about what happened to a student Jack was training; in order to get revenge, Jack has Joan go to Falafel Phil's & Judo Jerry's and tell Jerry that operating a dojo inside of a falafel restaurant is a violation of one of the codes. Joan threatens to take anyone on the premises into custody, forcing Jerry's students to leave him. Jack shows up and when Jerry tells him that cannot stand to see a better dojo, Jack calls Jerry's dojo a joke. Jerry tells Jack that they should have a tournament, and the winner gets to run the Bobby Wasabi Dojo their way, to which Jack agrees. Although Jack is only left with Joan and Jerry is only left with Phil. Later, as the two dojos are preparing to battle each other, Jerry shows up and notices that Jack's Pyramid of Discipline is still on the wall, which is where Jerry had hung a photo earlier of him and the team after he won a ribbon. Jerry confronts Jack, but Jack reveals that he had it enlarged and was going to hang it up before Jerry quit. Jack apologizes to Jerry for calling his ideas dumb and admits that some of his ideas were good. Jack further apologizes by telling Jerry that he got carried away because he has always dreamed of running a dojo and that he should not have disrespected him. Jack and Jerry make up and share a hug and agree to call off the tournament so nobody gets hurt. Meanwhile, after Sam has caused trouble all day, he and Rudy are waiting for Grandmaster Po to pick Sam up. Rudy asks Sam why he is such a troublemaker, and Sam reveals that he has never had a family before. Rudy tells Sam just how important families are and offers to let Sam stay with him, which Sam happily accepts.

An old fisherman warns Jack and Rudy that on the night of the lunar eclipse, Longshanks will return and take revenge on anyone on the wharf, but Jack does not buy into it. However, when Longshanks shows up, Jack's skepticism is put to the test, especially after Ty is grabbed and dragged by something when a mysterious mist appears. Later, a fight ensues between Jack and Rudy and Longshanks and his ghost men, but Jack and Rudy discover that they can only hit some of them. Jack finds Rudy's night vision goggles that Ty dropped earlier and discovers that the ghosts are being projected and some of them are not real. Jack goes up to the radio studio and discovers that Ty and the old fisherman were behind the whole thing. Meanwhile, Jerry returns from Arizona after getting Mama G's famous tamales, and after realizing how great they taste, Milton wants to go to Arizona himself for more. Milton and Jerry arrive in Arizona to get more tamales, but when Milton insults Mama G by saying her tamales could use a smidge of hot sauce, she bans Milton and Jerry from getting any more tamales. Jerry is upset and reveals that the tamales are made from a secret recipe; however, Milton is able to use science to find out everything that is in a tamale by examining Jerry's unfinished tamale. When the first batch is ready and Milton has Jerry try a tamale, Jerry tells Milton has his tamales are even better than Mama G's. Milton then has the idea to sell them, and Jerry agrees to help; however, things go wrong when Mama G discovers how good Milton's tamales are and forces him and Jerry to work for her. Later, when Milton and Jerry have had enough, Milton uses an old automatic tamale maker to take down Mama G and her girls. 041b061a72


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