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Project Shinobi: The Ultimate Naruto Fan Game - Download Now!

Project Shinobi: An Open World RPG Fan Game Based on Naruto

If you are a fan of Naruto, the popular anime/manga series, you might be interested in Project Shinobi, an open world RPG fan game that lets you explore the world of ninjas and use powerful jutsu. In this article, we will tell you what Project Shinobi is, who is behind it, what are its features, and how to download it.

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What is Project Shinobi?

Project Shinobi is an open world RPG fan game based on Naruto. It is created by Osirisx, a solo developer who works on this game during his spare time for fun. The game is inspired by Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, but with more freedom and interactivity. The game is currently in early access stage, and the latest demo version is v0.2. The developer plans to release v0.3 sometime in July 2023.

Who is the developer of Project Shinobi?

Osirisx is the developer of Project Shinobi. He is a fan of Naruto and has been working on this game since March 2021. He uses Unreal Engine as his game engine and creates most of the assets himself. He also gets help from his staff who run his Twitter account. He says that he does not intend to make any direct profit from the game and that it will be completely free. He also says that he created this game for entertainment purposes only and does not own any rights to Naruto or its characters.

What are the features of Project Shinobi?

Project Shinobi has many features that make it an exciting and immersive fan game for Naruto lovers. Here are some of them:

Playable character

The main playable character in Project Shinobi is Naruto Uzumaki, the protagonist of Naruto series. He has his Sage of Six Paths mode activated, which gives him enhanced abilities and appearance. He can also transform into Kurama, the nine-tailed fox that resides inside him.


Jutsu are special techniques that ninjas use in Naruto series. They involve manipulating chakra, the energy that flows through living beings. Naruto can use some of his signature jutsu in Project Shinobi, such as Rasengan, Rasenshuriken, Shadow Clone Jutsu, Sage Art: Super T ailed Beast Rasenshuriken, and more. He can also use some of the jutsu of other characters, such as Sasuke's Amaterasu, Kakashi's Kamui, and Madara's Limbo.

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The enemies in Project Shinobi are mostly rogue ninjas and bandits who attack Naruto on sight. They have different levels of difficulty and skills. Some of them can also use jutsu, such as fireballs, lightning bolts, and earth spikes. Naruto can fight them using his jutsu, taijutsu (hand-to-hand combat), or weapons (such as kunai and shuriken). He can also dodge, block, or counter their attacks.


The game features several locations from the Naruto series, such as Konoha (the Hidden Leaf Village), the Valley of the End, the Forest of Death, and the Hidden Rain Village. Each location has its own landmarks, scenery, and secrets to discover. Naruto can explore them freely using his parkour skills, such as running, jumping, climbing, and gliding. He can also interact with some of the objects and NPCs (non-player characters) in the environment.

Photo mode

The game has a photo mode that allows the player to take screenshots of the game with various options and filters. The player can adjust the camera angle, zoom, focus, depth of field, exposure, contrast, saturation, and more. The player can also add stickers, frames, and text to the screenshots. The screenshots can be saved to the device or shared online.

How to download Project Shinobi?

If you want to try Project Shinobi for yourself, you need to follow these steps:


The game is only available for Windows PC. You need to have a 64-bit operating system and at least 8 GB of RAM. You also need to have DirectX 11 or higher installed on your device. The game size is about 4 GB.


Go to the official website of Project Shinobi: [

  • Click on the "Download" button on the homepage.

  • Enter your email address and click on "Submit". You will receive a download link in your email.

  • Click on the download link and save the file to your device.

  • Extract the file using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip.

  • Open the extracted folder and double-click on the "ProjectShinobi.exe" file.

  • Enjoy the game!


Project Shinobi is an amazing fan game that lets you experience the world of Naruto in a new way. It has stunning graphics, smooth gameplay, and tons of features that will keep you entertained for hours. It is also free and easy to download. If you are a fan of Naruto or open world RPGs, you should definitely give Project Shinobi a try. You won't regret it!


  • Is Project Shinobi legal?

Project Shinobi is a fan game that is not affiliated with or endorsed by Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Viz Media, Studio Pierrot, TV Tokyo, or any other official Naruto entity. It is created for entertainment purposes only and does not intend to infringe any copyrights or trademarks. The developer respects the original creators and owners of Naruto and asks the players to do the same.

  • Is Project Shinobi safe?

Project Shinobi is safe to download and play. It does not contain any viruses, malware, or spyware. However, you should always scan any file you download from the internet with a reliable antivirus program before opening it.

  • Is Project Shinobi multiplayer?

No, Project Shinobi is currently a single-player game. The developer has stated that he might consider adding multiplayer features in the future if there is enough demand and support from the fans.

  • How can I support Project Shinobi?

You can support Project Shinobi by following its social media accounts ([Twitter], [YouTube], [Instagram], [Facebook]), sharing it with your friends, giving feedback and suggestions to the developer, and donating via PayPal or Patreon if you want to help him cover the development costs.

  • Where can I find more information about Project Shinobi?

You can find more information about Project Shinobi on its official website: [ There you can find the latest news, updates, screenshots, videos, and more. You can also join the Discord server: [ to chat with other fans and the developer.


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